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"Romy is a wonderful instructor! She is devoted to the cause, making all efforts to provide us with any and all information at her disposal. She assists from pregnancy to birth and beyond with so much love. She provided my husband with the know-how to be my doula. We were so well prepared for the birth of our son that we were able to endure a 38-hour labor with the knowledge and confidence to welcome our son in this world med-free. We will definitely be returning to Romy for a refresher course for any upcoming births." - Jennifer & Jason

"I feel so much more prepared and relaxed about what I need to do as a husband to make the labor process for my wife as comfortable as possible and as safe as possible for my child. I learned so much from Romy's classes and have been recommending them to others who I know are expecting." - Jerry

*Investing in Childbirth classes with Romy Rapoport was the best decision we made during our pregnancy. I am so thankful for the opportunity to give birth naturally using the Bradley method; it is the greatest gift we could have ever given our son!

*What I liked most about attending classes with Romy Rapoport was her ability to provide a wealth of information without it being overwhelming. She provides a nurturing environment where moms and dads alike feel cared for, nurtured and respected. Every question we asked about pregnancy and birth was answered to the fullest extent.

*I can not recommend Romy's Childbirth classes highly enough to my friends and family. I feel I had an excellent labor and delivery experience and owe all my gratitude to Romy. She helped guide us through our first pregnancy and I expect to take a refresher coursefrom her if/when we are blessed with more children.

*Childbirth classes with Romy Rapoport gave my husband and I the confidence we needed to have a natural labor and delivery with our son. Romy gives equal support to both moms and dads; making dad's feel invaluable during the labor and delivery process.

*My husband still brags that he is a "certified coach" and has so much pride in being a team player when it comes to pregnancy, labor and delivery. I can not thank Romy enough for equipping my husband Sam to be the greatest labor coach in the world!

*Childbirth classes with Romy Rapoport not only gave me the tools and confidence to give birth naturally, but it also provided my husband and I with a strong foundation of knowledge that led to a successful breastfeeding relationship and bonding experience with our son. We could not be more happy or satisfied with the love, guidance, and support that Romy provided." Beth, Sam and Eddie

"I'm a 36 year old first time mother. During my pregnancy I was diagnosed as high risk because of a blood clotting issue. I was stressed out in the beginning but after taking Romy Rapoport's class and her prenatal yoga classes, my husband and I felt confident and reassured that this birth would be exactly what we wanted. On December 5th, my husband and I labored at home for 6 hours and we just followed the Bradley Method of relaxing and my husband coached me into a beautiful labor. We got to the hospital at 10 cm and delivered our son 7 1/2 hours after the start of my labor on my birthday no less. It was a perfect day. I felt safe and so prepared thanks to Romy Rapoport and her brilliant leadership through the classes. This method is doable and with the right frame of mind, anyone can have a natural, husband coached birth. I'm so grateful to Romy for her love and support throughout my entire pregnancy." Erica, Craig and Bowman

"Thanks to Romy's class, my husband and I were so prepared for our natural home birth. She was absolutely right on about everything! Not only did we learn more than we every thought possible about pregnancy and childbirth, we also bonded as a couple and overcame our fear and anxiety. Romy has so much to offer from her knowledge and experience to her sweet, loving, compassionate nature. Her class was truly a magical experience we will never forget!" Tina

Our new little baby girl is doing great!!! Thanks so much for all of
your help getting us ready for our big day. We wanted to write to you
and give a description of our experience for anyone else who may be
considering taking your Childbirth classes.

We highly recommend taking Romy's class. She is a very
skilled instructor, but beyond that, these classes are clearly a
"labor of love" for her. From the very first day, it was very clear
that what she did was motivated by a very genuine caring for the
people in her class. The work that she does truly comes from her
heart, and that level of commitment creates a class environment like
no other.

Her goal is to help her students to be extremely informed and relaxed
about the upcoming adventure. Romy is
very interested in learning the desires of each of the couples in her
class. She does not push you to follow one specific path, but instead
works with you to help you with your goals. Our goal was to go
natural if possible, but we fully expected to use an epidural. Thanks
to Romy's training and encouragement, when we got to the hospital, we
got so involved in following our training that we ended up literally
forgetting to ask for the epidural! I know it sounds crazy, but it's

Romy also came to the hospital with us as our doula. We think she was
as excited as we were as she was following us to the hospital at 3:30
in the morning! It was her skill and encouragement that helped make
natural childbirth possible. There really are not enough words to
describe the education Romy gave to us. The journey of motherhood is
so new and you want to get it just right. Romy gives that jumpstart
into this incredible journey that we feel every couple on the planet should have. We will be forever grateful!
Heather, Joe and Savannah